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Grass  roots  youth initiative

Our Vision

Young people aspiring towards and achieving goals, participating and contributing positively to their families and communities

Our Mission

To provide opportunities which assist young people to grow with confidence, so that they strive towards and pursue positive life outcomes.


Ranui 135 is a community led initiative based in Ranui that has been supporting young people since 2002. The initiative grew from members involved in the Ranui Action Project, Youth Focus group of 2001 and evolved into a stand-alone interest.

Our aim

Support and encourage positive outcomes for youth, their families, and communities

Our Value’s

Love, Courage, Integrity, Innovation

Ranui 135  began in 2002 as a grass roots initiative started by local residents and youth who wanted to contribute positively to the young people and community of Ranui. 

This was in response to challenges in the area at the time that showed Ranui youth led all the wrong statistics in West Auckland when it came to education, crime and unemployment.   

This was not a good enough outcome for our young people. We knew they had more to offer, and so did they. 

So passionate locals came together and engaged our youngsters through positive events and activities, investing in and growing youth

leadership and community pride. This movement was the birth of Ranui 135.

Whats with the name?

Back in 2002 Ranui 135 was the bus route to Downtown Auckland.

The young people who began the youth initiative identified the bus as something they all had in common.   

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